Connie was an exceptional professional mentor, colleague and leader. In her time at InnovativeCommunities.org (ICO), she was able to advance projects that had been stalled for years and begin others that had previously only been ideas. In doing so, she was able to get numerous people within and outside of the organization to participate, and to advance the skill sets of all of the volunteers that she worked with at ICO. Connie excels in complex, challenging roles, and is a clear, efficient and productive leader who can meet the expectations and requirements of any project. By: M. Gillard, Admin Assistant


Connie went above and beyond her role, and acted not only as a supervisor but also a mentor and colleague. As a supervisor, Connie was respectful and supportive. When I needed an extra push or needed to hear some constructive criticism she was able to give me “tough love” in fair and respectful manner. Connie also offered me several professional development opportunities, which is not apart of her supervisory duties. To me, this shows her dedication to the individuals she was supervising and that she genuinely cares about our success. By: J. Mooney, Student


I appreciate Ms. Allsopp's passion and commitment to education, research, and her ambition and energy in helping other educators. I offer her my highest recommendations for future opportunities. By: G. Cavallin, Educator


O.R.C.C.A is a non profit offering dental care to children and adolescents coming from low income families. Dr. Allsopp began as a volunteer helping us to develop the project plan and in January 2015 accepted a contract as the Clinic Administrator. She is always organized, creative, insightful, resourceful and compassionate. Connie is particularly adept at reaching out to the community and  establishing contacts. She is fully trustworthy and could be counted on to follow up appropriately, with tact and diplomacy. She is a hard worker and always prepared to take on new challenges without hesitation. She clearly has initiative and is prepared to go the ‘extra mile’. She is a communicator and people person who uses her skills to better the lives of others. By: H. Burkett, Chairperson 


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