About Dr. Connie Allsopp

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Connie was previously at the Centre for Youth and Society as a postdoc researcher; and a lecturer and supervisor at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Currently, she is Founder and Strategist at the World's Registrar, serving to connect higher learning with practical projects through knowledge mobilization, such as #fastprojects and English language learning programs. She consults with companies to develop sustainable systems and coaches managers/leaders how to best support their employees as they learn systems.

At the age of 21, Connie began this entrepreneur journey leading several business ventures concurrently with her teaching, and consulting career. She loves the tagline: “Learning is an Adventure; Let’s Learn Together” as she finds joy in seeing others become successful. Connie has published a reading series with Scholastic, her PhD dissertation “Does leadership education matter for student outcomes?”; and more recently, several journal articles. She also served on the Journal of School Leadership review panel, while her public talks have taken her across Canada, USA, and China. In 2012, Connie completed her doctorate in leadership education and political studies after a master’s degree in leadership and business management. She has worked as a teacher, coordinator, consultant, principal and district principal at all levels. Connie holds a Manitoba and BC Teacher Certificate, and an Oxford English Language Teaching Certificate.

Connie holds a black belt in Karate and brown belt in Shirkan Arnis. She has a heartfelt passion for serving others world-wide and at home in Canada. In 2008 and 2013, Connie had the opportunity to serve on a medical team in Dominican Republic and then served to construct a public school in Mexico, which changed her life. Connie has two sons who are successful entrepreneurs, and she currently resides in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 


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